maternity leave- holla!!!

I’ll start by saying I’m quite looking forward to my maternity leave which I’ll be starting on my due date (if not sooner). Last time, I had lofty goals of getting all kinds of things done while I was off you know pintrest projects and house projects I thought I would have the time to do. YEAH RIGHT! I considered the day a win if I got a shower and was dressed before Thad got home.

This time, I know what I’m in for and I THINK I’m a little more ready for it. (THINK!) This time around ill have two little nuggets with me every day. Ryan will not be continuing at daycare while I’m off because it’s silly to pay for daycare when I’m home, I’d rather spend time with him if I can, and its way to far to drive to drop him off. Our daycare is by my work and its 45 min each way. So, little man is staying home with mama for 10 weeks.

I’m sure he will be excited to play, but I really want to have a list of places that we can hop in the car and go when he and I get bored at home. I’m feeling now like I will be way braver to be more mobile with two kids then I was with Ryan at first. I’m no Mrs Dugger, but I do feel seasoned enough that we can leave the house sooner than 4 weeks! My AMAZING friends at work gifted me with a moby wrap, so that baby is going in his little wrap and we are heading out the door so Ry and I don’t go totally stir crazy!

So, I need some ideas to stay busy. I already have a list going including story time at the library, there are multiple parks around that I want to hit up with Ryan, and lots of friends and family that I can’t wait to have lunch dates with. I googled some play groups near home and I think that there is one that we can hang out with.

Moms, give me some more fun ideas!  I know that there are a million resources that we can use.  I’d like to have a few activities per week that we can just pick up and go, fairly local and fairly cheap (60% pay people).