heads on a stick- easy kid craft

Thad and I have pretty big families, especially Thad. He's one of eight kids!  Holy crap, right? 

Way back in the day when one of my oldest nephews Alex was born, Thad's sister Carrie came up with an idea to help Alex learn all of his family members. She took a package of craft sticks and put a picture of everyone in the families head on them to use as personalized family flashcards. It really helped Alex alot. 

Before Ryan was born, I decided to steal her idea and do the same. I ended up with a ton of heads on sticks, showed Ryan a few times and then kind of forgot about them. 

Sometime in the last few weeks, Ryan has found this box of heads on sticks and doesn't put them down!  He plays with them for hours! Thad even cut holes in the top of the box we had them in so that he can display his family all the time. Tonight they had dinner with us, at the table. 

This is a super easy way for kiddos to learn all of their family members, or you can even take pictures of objects, food, or anything else you want your kid to learn about. I would suggest trying to get pictures about the same size of everyone, i didn't think it was a big deal until some of the heads ended up way smaller then the rest. (Sorry, Uncle Seth!) I also need to go back and update the pictures and add in some new family members that were not around for the original crafting. 

What fun ways do you teach your kids names of your family?