February bumpdate

How far along- 36 weeks

Symptoms- Still feeling quite large. If I don't sit up straight in a chair, I feel like i'm squishing the crap out of this little guy. I'm still feeling super lucky (knock on wood). Sleep has never been an issue, I still sleep all night and can fall asleep easily. I am still getting some heartburn that makes me feel a bit pukey when I lie down, but it's not every night. There have also been a few times that I have had some aches below my belly, but I know it's from holding Ryan too long or pushing it too much with laundry. Overall, I feel really good and haven't gotten to the pregnant "waddle" phase.

Due Date- Game on for March 20th, but I am REALLY going to do my best for this little leprechaun to come out on the 17th!

Gender- Still a boy! I'm still trying to picture how it will be with all boys in this house. Lots of fun and legos, and cars!

Name- We finally have picked a first name! We have a few middle names, but it will be a game time decision and possibly based on the day that he arrive :) Middle name O'Mally anyone? Not really happening people. We have told some people, but might as well wait until he's here!

Does Ryan know- He still knows that there is something going on and likes to talk about baby. He will point to the baby gear around the house and say baby, but he really won't get it until little man is here to stay.

Where will the baby live- The boys will share a room. The crib is still up and in the lowest position for Ry, but tonight he actually is sleeping in his big boy bed and went to bed in it awake. We will see how he does and then move the crib back up to the baby settings. But little man will be in our room at least until I go back to work in a bassinet that is all ready to roll.

Differences- I feel pretty similar to the last time in most respects. I's still nervous, but it's a different nervous this time. I know how labor will go and hoping that he is smaller than Ry and comes a little quicker. I have a good feeling what will happen when we get home too. But, I don't want Ry to feel left out. I'm really planning on taking it one day at a time and looking forward to enjoying my tome off of work with both boys!  I also think we have a good solid lead on a daycare place for when I go back to work. Fingers crossed both boys can get in. I need to go visit the place this week.

Cravings-  No new cravings. Still loving some milk and cookies though. Baby Center told me that I may not be able to eat a whole meal anymore because i'll be feeling way more full faster!  They were right on the money! I was sick a whole day after a rather large meal last weekend (cough, Outback, cough). I couldn't really eat anything all day Monday.

Dr Check- I am to the point where I see my Dr on a weekly basis now. He checked this week, baby's head is down, and I'm officially 1cm. He also said there is no action going on. I am feeling confident that I have weeks left and not days. Im trying to get things wrapped up at work and started to pack for the hospital, at least the baby clothes.

Best moment of the week- My SUPERSWEET work friends surprised me with a "sprinkle". It was so thoughtful and nice of them. They got the little man a much needed baby seat and an awesome moby wrap that I plan on using a ton! I am so lucky to work with some of the nicest people in the world!