January bumpdate

How far along- 32 weeks 

Symptoms- I'm starting to feel kind of large, it takes a minute to get comfy in bed. Also, still have the whole food in my throat feeling at night when i lie down. Not quite heartburn, but i had the same thing with Ry. It's not awful, just a little uncomfy. It's also getting harder to hold Ryan. He is at the stage where he really likes to sit on my lap to read a book and i feel bad that my lap is getting less roomy for him. 

Due date- March 20th, 2013 Fingers still crossed for a little St Patty's day leprechaun

Gender- Still a boy, i made sure the Dr checked at our appt this week. 

Names- We are still not sure about this and it's making me anxious. 

Does Ryan know- He still doesn't know and probably wont really get it until the baby is here and doesn't go away.

Where will the baby live- The room is organized and ready to go. There are some things that i would like to do to make it a little more "new" for baby no name, but the clothes are out and ready to roll. There are still a few more necessities that we have on a list to pick up, but i'm feeling more ready! 

Differences- I feel about the same i did when i was pregnant last time. It's still going really fast!  I'm just getting really excited about the thought of us being a family of four pretty soon! I'm excited to meet this little one and see how Ryan likes his new little brother. We talk about him a lot, but i don't think that he gets what's going to happen. 

Cravings- Nothing new, i still can't get enough spicy Mexican food. And i am really looking forward to the Shamrock shakes at McDonald's being in season! Otherwise, still pretty normal.

Growing and growing.....