32 week sonogram day

Sonogram day- always very exciting!  Getting to see the actual little person on the big screen that is wiggling in your belly all day long is so anticipated! The whole day, I was way excited!

With Ryan, this was the about the time that we knew he would be a big baby and we got some great pictures of his sweet little face. There was one in particular that he had a striking resemblance to Bill Cosby, but when I look back at those pictures and what he looked like as a newborn, it was him!  It’s just so crazy!  Modern technology is just amazing!

Ryan's 34 week sonogram pictures
So, this Wenesday was the day. I left work early and stopped home to get Ryan. He had been home sick with my dad and my dad was coming with us to the Drs Office to keep Ryan occupied while I had the sonogram. Ryan has been with me to a few appointments where he sits on my lap and we hear the heartbeat and I get measured, but I knew this one would be a little longer. My dad is a saint!  He is so good with Ryan and so patient to come to the OB with his daughter.

When we arrived we were told that the Dr had just left for an emergency surgery. They said 45 min tops and it’s understandable, so we were fine. I had brought a whole bag full of books, cars, and little toys to keep us occupied. Dad had to leave to go grab something he left at our house so Ry and I settled in looking at some books. About an hour later, dad made it back and Ry was starting to get restless. We went into the hallway where Ryan could run around more and blow off some of that energy. He ran around and played on some steps and looked at even more books. Half an hour later, dad had to leave. He needed to get my mom for another appointment. We had never dreamed it would take so long, but dad left and Ryan and I were once again looking at some magazines. Ryan broke free a few times and wandered into the back area of the office and the nurses that were all working were so sweet to him (and me).

Pretty shortly after that, we were finally called back into the sonogram room. We looked in the mirror, found the two trash cans, looked at the sink and the box of Kleenex. Then he sat down for a minute or two. I knew he had reached his limit of being patient, but I was praying that he could hang on just a little longer while I got all jellied up and we got to see baby brother. When the Dr came in, Ryan was good. He sat on my lap and watched him type info into the computer. He was not at all interested in looking at the screen while Dr measured the baby. As Dr switched to 3D (the most exciting part) Ryan was officially done. He jumped off my lap and wanted to play. He found a fan behind the chair I was laying in and was roaming around behind my head. I really didn’t know what he was doing. I knew there were lots of cords and buttons back there.  But the moment I had been waiting for, to gaze at the screen and see the sweet little face was kind rushed to say the least. I was more worried about Ryan finding and turning on the crotch lamp. He didn’t, luckily, and I did see a little glimpse of baby boy. He wasn’t being too cooperative either, with both hands up in front of his face. So, no face pictures, no Bill Cosby look alike and no teary moments staring at the screen.

The good news- this little man is still in fact a little man, and he is measuring to be about 4lbs right now. So the Dr guessed that he would weigh in at about 7 or 8lbs at birth!  Music to my ears! Anything less than big brother (9lb 11oz) would be more than awesome with me!

We did manage to get a few pictures of the little nugget- 2 of which it took me a day to even tell where his face is- Mom of the year! And we know that he is looking good and healthy. We will surely take more than enough pictures of him when he arrives to make up for the lack of sonogram pictures in his baby book.

Although it was way different than I had pictured in my head, I was so happy to be leaving and that we made it out with no major breakdowns! Another notch on the big elastic mom belt!