30 weeks!

Yesterday marks week 30 of this pregnancy! It’s insane how fast it is going, but just this week I am starting to get a little more emotional. I keep thinking that this might be the last 10 weeks that I will ever be pregnant in my life. It makes me a little sad thinking about that part of it. I have always wanted a large family and Thad and I are still not sure if we will be done or not, but I need to soak it up! This is not me saying that two beautiful and healthy kiddos are not enough for us, they would be. Ryan is our world and this new little man is quickly going to become a part of that too. We already love him so much and we can hardly wait to meet him. But, I can’t say for sure that we will be done after two. I just don’t FEEL like I would be done. Financially, we would be smart to stop at two. Daycare prices alone are enough to wake me out of my sleep at night. Not to mention needing a new vehicle or vehicles to accommodate a family larger than four, and then the future cost of college…   The list continues.

I’m also trying so hard to soak up the last weeks of Ryan having us all to himself. I know he will be a great big brother and helper to us, but he is still just a little guy too. I want him to know that he is so loved and special to us. I hope we can plan a few little things to do with him before baby brother arrives so he can enjoy all of our attention on him. Of course we will plan special things with him after the little guy arrives, but it won’t be every night like it is now.

So, for now, I’m soaking up the last 10 weeks of enjoying this pregnancy and having an only child.