working on the list

I have been slowly checking off my new list- here is an update

#25 on this list is to have a Ryan and mom night once a month. This month it was a whole day, a sick day. But, I think it counts as quality time together. Ryan had been teething for a whole week and then was up during the night thru the weekend. Early morning last Monday I made the call that there was no way he could handle being at school all day. So, after being up he fell back asleep again at 5am. I was able to get up like normal, get a shower and back into comfy clothes. I had time to check work e-mail, facebook, and have some breakfast. Then, it was the best feeling ever to climb back into bed next to my sleeping boy and take a snooze until he was ready to start the day.
He finally got up about 9ish and we had a really nice day playing and hanging out. We get to hang out every weekend day too, but this just seemed more special. We listed to Christmas music and danced around the house In our PJs. Ryan ate the best lunch that I have seen in a long time and then took a nap before heading to the Dr’s office.
He ended up needing medicine for an ear infection and pink eye, but he was in a great mood all day and it was time well spent.
I feel like days like these are numbered since baby boy will be here in no time, so I’m happy to have a whole day, no house work to worry about, and just to focus on him!

#91 buy one thing for the house each month and #88 buy a carbon monoxide detector for the house. This month we finally bought a carbon monoxide detector AND its plugged in already! Check and Check.

#2 unsubscribe myself from all the clutter mail in my inbox. I have been slowly chipping away at this as well- I would assume it may take a few weeks for it to totally kick in, but I can see my junk email getting cleaner and cleaner.  

#100 make a wish on 12:12 on 12/12/12- done!

#51 Christmas cards sent this year on the 8th!   Oh yeah!  Still some to hand out- so, no worries if you haven't received quite yet

#52 and #16 answered the 50 questions and put them in a letter to myself to read in 10 years. I wonder if I will still agree. The letter is sealed in our lockbox.