Movin' on up

When Thad and I bought our house way back in 2006, we really weren’t ready to make the big purchase of a new living room couches. Thankfully, Thad’s brother had just bought some and said that we could have his that were a hand me down to him. 
We said hell yes!

So, we were all moved in and got nice and cozy with our third generation couch, love seat, and chair. They were beige, pretty worn in, and way comfy. But, I still daydreamed about the day that we could just go on a furniture shopping spree and get ourselves a nice new living room set. Until then, we had our old beige buddy's. They sat many friends and family members thru the years.

So long old friend, we had many great naps together. 

We had priorities and new furniture never made the top of the list. And now, with kids; the dream of new furniture seemed almost frivolous to think about when buying diapers and saving for college were on the brain. So, you can imagine our excitement when Thad’s mom offered up her living room furniture to us since she is getting upgraded as well!

Im in LOVE! They are amazingly beautiful. They aren’t as low as the old ones and its sooo nice to have a pretty living room, even if half of it looks like a day care. They are a pretty shade of green and new to us and we couldn’t be more thrilled!  

Hello Lovey!
Anyone else get a little upgrade lately?   Thanks mOm!