Happy Birthday Dylan

Happy Birthday Dylan!

I can’t believe that it’s already been 2 years. Two years ago today we were all so excited, anticipating your arrival and the holiday season!  Your nursery was all ready, your clothes were all hanging in your closet, and the hospital bag was all packed. I was eagerly waiting for the call from your mom to head up to the hospital and wait to meet you. It was extra exciting since I had just found out that I was also having a son soon! It was perfect, since your mom and I have been best friends since pre-school we thought that for sure you boys would grow up to be best friends as well.

When your dad called me to tell me that you arrived I didn’t even believe him. I had just talked with your mom a few hours ago and she said that she was headed to bed. Knowing your dad, I was sure he was playing a trick on me, but he wasn’t. It took a moment to set in and then I started racing around the house to get ready to head up the hospital. When I arrived it was very surreal. It happened so fast, you arrived in the blink of an eye. We were all surprised and in shock that it happened so fast. But no one knew what was in store.

The next 8 days seemed to go by in a blur. But, I can also remember every detail, your little Harley onesie, and your cute little santa hat. You won all the nurses over and they made a cute little tree out of your tiny footprints.  Your mom and dad were with you every moment. I remember your cute little red hair after they gave you your first bath. You were perfect and beautiful, just like a newborn should be.

And then as quickly as you had arrived, it was over and you were gone. It seemed like a bad dream. I thought that I would eventually wake up and get the call that you were really here, that my best friend had finally had her son and everything was ok. 

It wasn’t ok. 
It was awful. We missed you so much we didn’t know what to do with ourselves.

And we still miss you. All the time.

How I wish you were here to celebrate today with sticky cake hands and an ice cream face. We will be thinking of you today and hoping that you are enjoying your day in the clouds.

your auntie Melissa