December bumpdate

28 weeks!
we are getting really excited about it around here!

How far along- 28 weeks!  Hello, 3rd trimester!
Symptoms- Still feeling pretty normal. Feeling lots of kicking from this little one and also some heartburn at night. I had the same with Ryan. After dinner I feel like food just sits in my throat and just sits there. Gross, but totally how it feels.
Due date- March 20th, 2013 
Gender- Still a boy- we get another ultrasound at 32 weeks, so we can get another confirmation. I can’t wait to see his sweet little face. 
Names- No name that we agree on yet!  Promise we aren’t just keeping it a secret. 
Does Ryan know- Ryan knows what a baby is and says it really cute “bebe”. He also puts a finger to his lips and goes “shhh” when there is a baby around. I still think he doesn’t know that there is a baby coming to live with us. We will keep working with him on it. We have a few baby coming home books that he likes to read.
Where will the baby live- Ryan just started sleeping in his toddler bed. Correction, he falls asleep on the counch and we put him in his bed at night and he stays there. We need to work on getting him in his room and sleeping in his bed. But he will stay there all night if he’s asleep. I’m itching to start organizing his room for the both of them. After Christmas decos come down its go time.
Differences- The same thing I have been saying all along- its going SOOO FAST!! Its already the third trimester and I can barely believe it! But, all of my nesting has been kicking in I just can’t organize and throw out enough at home lately!  It’s exciting/ scary to think about the daycare situation. I know we will figure it out when the time comes. (i hope). 
Cravings- No new cravings. Of course with the holidays, there was lots of cookies and treats, but I cannot blame that on the baby. I miss my Diet Coke a lot and I have had a little here and there. I just need the carbonation!