November bumpdate

How far along- The pictures are from week 22, but im already 23 weeks!  Holy fast pregnancy batman!
Symptoms-No real symptoms still. I’m feeling pretty normal most days with the exception of the tiny kicks that I get to feel throughout the day. He is a little firecracker already! I feel him moving at work the most, probably because I’m sitting at my desk.
Weight gain has been a lot different this time around. I'm only up a few pounds so far, but I know that last time I had more time at night to snack and hang out. Perhaps it will be easier to loose this time around too?  Wishful thinking I'm sure!

Due date- March 20th, 2013

Gender- It’s a boy!!!  I originally didn't want to know, but the week of the appt it as too exciting and I caved. I couldn't get into that sonogram room fast enough!
Names- Still no name, but I think we are getting closer.

Does Ryan know- My awesome sister Erin just had a sweet baby girl. (Check out her blog here) A few weeks ago we spend a couple days with them in Buffalo. Ry was pretty good with her. He would kiss her toes and play with her toys. Yesterday Last week Ryan went with me to the drs office and we heard the heartbeat together. He didn’t react too much.We are working on learning the word baby and pointing to my belly.

Where will the baby live- Ryan and baby boy will be roommates at some point. The baby will live in our room for the first few months until I go back to work.
We already have a toddler bed that we haven’t quite transitioned Ryan into, but he will be in it at some point and he does enjoy reading a book on it. The toddler bed and the crib both fit nicely. Id like for the new little man to have a new crib skirt, just so he has something of “his”. We will also need to adjust the closet space for two nuggets to share, but that can be an after holiday project.

Cravings- I have been eating way more Mexican food with this little man. Also, I won’t pass up a laffy taffy or starburst if it happens to fall in my grocery cart or face.
As a side note, with Ryan I literally chugged milk daily. There were weeks when Thad and I would go through 3 gallons in a week. Usually it’s about 1 ½ or 2. I read somewhere that what you eat while pregnant, your child will also enjoy. And Ryan LOVES his milk! So, I’m apologizing ahead of time to this little one if he is addicted to candy later in life.

Differences- Again, the biggest difference this time around is how FAST its going. Last time I was able to spend all of my free time thinking and dreaming about how it will be, but now there is less time to think about it. Don’t get me wrong, I still spend free time thinking about how it will be with two kiddos, but its still going very very fast!

Must give a shout out to two of my favorite blog moms that have the time to post weekly updates! They both have kids and it boggles my mind how they have the time. I'm impressed and envious!  Yep, you girls rule!  Check them out here and here


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