September bumpdate

When i was pregnant with Ryan i thought i would be the mom that would do monthly updates about how i was feeling, what was going on with the baby and all of that...
I failed,
naps won... every time!

So, this time maybe ill give it a try. I can handle a monthly update and even perhaps a monthly picture.

This post is late. I wrote it last week when it was still September.

Monthly update- Septmeber

How far along- This week i turned 15 weeks and therefore already cruised into 2nd trimester!  Hooray!

Symptoms- Extreme tiredness, like ninja kicks in the face tired until after 12 weeks. There were days at work that i really struggled to stay awake. I remember these days from when i was pregnant before but i was able to come home and sleep the rest of the night. These days its much different taking care of a very busy one year old. 
Crazy supersonic sense of smell! I can smell a skunk on the turnpike about 2 exits away. It's not lovely but i had this with Ryan too.
No real weight gain yet, but basically no workout time energy plus being at the edge of comfort with my clothes already, I'm feeling a bit like a stuffed sausage on a daily basis. I'm usually fine in the morning, but after lunchtime you can usually find me unbuttoned at my desk, wishing I had just worn maternity pants. Some days I do wear them, but they are still a little too big and i need to find some in between pants that make me feel a little more put together and less like a sausage in casing.
No super cravings yet, but more aversions that with Ryan. There were days that nothing sounded good. And that NEVER happens to me! There was no dry heaving or getting sick again this time. But all in all, very similar to the first time.

Due date- March 20th, 2013

Gender- we don't know yet and we are going to be surprised! (hopefully!)  We have everything boy that we would ever need and my sister just had her perfect baby girl and we can borrow from her if we need to. So, this will make pushing way more exciting.

Names- we actually have a list started for both a boy or a girl. Nothing final yet, but some good contenders.

Does Ryan know- A lot of people have asked me how Ryan is dealing. He has no idea, He will maybe notice that something is up when it looks like i have a ball growing under my shirt. But, he really wont notice until the baby comes home and doesn't leave.

Where will the baby live- The plan for now is that the baby will share a room with Ryan.We can also possibly make our room into two, but we haven't drawn up any plans quite yet.

Cravings- Nothing quite yet. But there was a day that i have to make an emergency stop for a doughnut, ok TWO. But, that could have been any old day.

Differences- The most different feeling is how fast it's going and how ready i feel. I'm not stressing out about researching all the right types of gear to get and worried about what things will be like. I have a pretty good idea of how things will go down. So, I feel much more relaxed this time then before with Ryan. The only thing that is keeping me awake is the thought of paying for childcare for two. Ryan currently is going to an amazing daycare right by my work and I love it, he loves it, and the teachers are amazing. But, financially for him and a baby to go there it would be an insane amount for us to handle. So, we need to find plan B. I know we have tons of time, but ill feel better when we have a solid plan.


  1. Cute mama! :) SO excited for you.

  2. I know how u feel girlie :-) but was the opposite.... I had already had a girl and for my second child .... we didn't find out because we already had girl stuff and my sister in law had boy stuff we could use :-) so definitely a win-win! I just made a girl bag and a boy bag separatly and brought both of them to the hospital with me... then after we found out.... Joe went and got the boy bag out of the car.... :-) it was simple! it's fun not to find out and exciting when they tell you boy or girl.... just as exciting as finding out at the ultrasound.... just a different excitement :-)


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