this weekend

this weekend was crazy and crazy fun!

first up was the color run on Saturday morning- it really WAS the happiest 5k on the planet
such a fun time with work friends! if you haven't seen or heard about it- check it out here

then we had another 5k Saturday evening to remember my best friends sweet little boy Dylan. there was a great turnout and his little sister joined us too! it was super hot out, but Dylan gave us a nice little breeze just as we rounded to the finish line.

Today we celebrated father's day with a yummy breakfast with mom, dad, and Erin (and the beanette).
We had a great day relaxing and playing.

Happy fathers day to my dad- the best there is!
and to Thad- Ryan and I are so lucky!

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend!


  1. I heard about the Color Run from Nice Girl Notes (blog) - looks like SO much fun! Hope you had a wonderful weekend, friend. :)

    1. it was super fun! most people walked and were totally covered in color! miss you- been off the blogging wagon for a little ;) how life gets in the way!!!


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