a note to ryan

dear ryan,

no matter how old i get, and how hard things may be i will always love you

you can never let me down- you are my proudest achievement

i will always be your biggest fan

and i will always be there to listen or cry with you when things aren't how you want them to be

i will always be there when you invite me and probably times when you don't

and it would take a mac truck to stop me to be with you at all of your milestone events

you are my pride and joy

life is not easy, but i will try my hardest to make it wonderful for you

i will let you fall, but be right there to pick you up

im sure that i wont always make you happy, but i will always have your best interest in mind

you amaze me every day and my life is so much fuller with you in it

daddy and i love you more than words

love you sweet boy,

your mom


  1. This is SO sweet. Love your new header, too. :)

  2. thanks :) and thanks! got all sappy there for a bit!


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