a bloggie miracle!

before Ryan was born, i knew we needed to have a video camera
our camera had a video function, but i knew that he would be doing tons of adorable things that pictures just couldn't possibly do justice. 

so, in a pregnant haste, i rant to target (on my lunch hour) and bought one that looked good
didn't really do much research, just needed to have one (apparently at that moment)

i was excited to have it and began taking videos of Thad, the kitties, anything that moved
had to hone my skills, Ryan was due in a few short weeks


after Ryan arrived we started documenting everything
all new parents do that right???

fast forward a few months and the bloggie bit it, it stopped working and i was super sad
i tired everything and i couldn't get it to work 
the worst part about it was that there was some really cute videos and pictues of Ryan on it that i thought i would never see again

until this past week!!

it seems like forever ago that he was that small!
so happy that we have these pictures!


  1. Me too!!! They are so cute! Glad they could be saved!


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