bath time

from the first bath, Ryan loved them
ok, well he seemed like he liked them!

first bath at home

they seemed to relax him
well, maybe not with a camera in his face

then, he grew out of his baby tub and into the ducky tub
the beak actually quacks and it was awesome

he lounged in it nightly

then one day, not too long ago
one of the kitties bit the duck and it was dead
deflated, and all sad

but Ryan graduated into the real big tub
and he was thrilled

he loved splashing around and holding onto the side of the tub

within the past few weeks, bath time has lost its happy glow
maybe its becasue it's right before bed and Ryan is already tuckered out
maybe he has a new found fear of the water
maybe he just likes being all dirty and covered in peach juice after dinner

whatever the reason, he has been hating it
and by hating it, i mean top of the lungs scream hating it

it breaks my heart because the few hours each night after work that i have with him are very few and precious
i dont want to make him cry every night
but, im also not going to drop off a little stinky boy at school every day

last week Thad got in with Ryan and it seemed to be ok
i didn't think too much about it until this evening when the dreaded bath time was approaching fast and i knew that it would soon be a scream fest

i decided to throw on my bathing suit bottom and hop in too

it worked!!!   

why hadn't i done this days ago?? or started doing this after Thad was successful with it?  (whoops)

it wasn't all flowers and sunshine, but it was no where near the level of bathtime anxiety we had all been feeling for the last few weeks

so, its my new thing
it was fun, we got to play and he got a bath with close to no tears


think we will try it again tomorrow!

anyone else have to hop into the tub too?  kind of beats kneeling on the side!


  1. Lyn hops in the tub when bathing our dog, Honey, only because it's harder on the back to be constantly reaching over to work on her. Uncle Jerry

  2. That duck tub is adorable! Yes, I've had to jump in the tub with N before, to comfort her. Now, at two, she loves taking a bath, as long as there are plenty of toys to play with. ;)


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