the reveal

i am still winding down from two very action packed and super fun weekends!

there are so many pictures to share but for now i just have to post one of my favorite pictures in the world 

this past weekend my sister and her husband had a gender reveal party
it was highly anticipated!   they had the results sealed for more than a week!!!  

10 days to be exact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i give them so much credit, because i would never be able to wait more than a few minutes. 
it was quite the build up and both sides of the family were able to attend, as well as many of their friend.  everyone was asked to wear either pink or blue based on their guess. 

the pink out numbered the blue but both Erin and Denny were so convinced that they were having a son that it made me question my color of choice (pink).

the awesome moment finally arrived at about noon when they gathered us all in their backyard for the big reveal.....






it's a GIRL!!!!!!!!
everyone was screaming, and crying, hugging, and jumping up and down!

it was amazing!!!!!

Denny's mom ended up on the ground in surprise!

it was one of the best moments of my life seeing my baby sister learn that she will be the mother of a baby girl!

So very excited for this sweet little girl to arrive and be a part of her life! 

Love you lots Erin, Denny, and baby girl bean!!! 


  1. Awwww, love this post!! Saturday was one of the best days ever, right up there with our weddings!! Baby Girl McGee is pretty excited to meet her Auntie Melissa! xoxo


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