race day

this race has been on the books all year

at the time there were 2 goals in mind- lose the rest of the baby weight and beat my last half marathon and get an acceptable race time so i can finally put that 13.1 sticker on my car and wear my necklace with pride (shallow, i know)

training officially started in February

over the course of the last 4 months there has been a new play list put together for exrta motivation, some cute new workout gear to feel like a real athlete (and to look cute in those shots they take on the course)
countless miles on the treadmill at the gym and lots of miles just jogging around every neighborhood in Newton Falls.
there has been a LOT of preparation.....

Thursday this week i work up with a sore neck, i thought i slept weird so i didn't think too  much of it.
By Thursday night i was getting the chills.
Friday i woke up with a killer sore throat that hurt to swallow and a pounding headache. The chills/ hot flashes continued throughout the day so i called the dr to get a z-pack to head whatever was coming my way off.  Friday night i was feeling like crap again. I went to bed as soon as Ryan did and slept for 12 hours.
Saturday came and i thought i would be feeling better but no luck, even with a 2 hour nap i was still exhausted, had no appetite and my throat was killer. And at this point i was pretty sure it was strep throat. The Dr gave me an antibiotic so there was nothing else that i could really take.

This was my worst nightmare!  I didn't want to let anyone down and knew i had to at least attempt to run the race but a teeny voice inside my head was telling me to just stay home and rest.

I pushed that voice way down and took off Saturday night to meet my friend at our hotel for a quick dinner and early bed for a good nights sleep before the big day.

This morning i woke up feeling awful again. I could have slept all day. I really thought that if i made it to the start line and saw the crowd that somehow that would just push me through...

I was able to run to mile 2 with a few walking breaks and then i hit a wall. I couldnt catch my breath, i felt like i was running thru jello and i knew that there was no way i could finish this if i ran. So, i told my friend to go ahead and i'd see her at the finish. I almost bailed a few times, but i had to walk the miles back anyhow so i thought i might as well keep going.

My cousin Leslie was waiting for me at mile 5 and gave me one of the best peptalks i have ever had.
I REALLY REALLY needed it.

So, i walked it.

From mile 2 to 12.5 i walked.
it was so hot and i still felt like crap but i just couldn't will myself to run. At the very end, i started to see the crowds and wanted to give it the extra push so i slowly jogged in and it was the best feeling in the world.

I'm so glad i finished, but so disappointed that i got sick and wasn't able to put all of my training into this race.

I know there is always next time and at least i did it, but i really really really want to make it in a good time. I ended up adding 20 minutes to my last time. (ick) But, i did lose the rest of the baby weight.

So, here is to next time.
I'll be sure to put good weather AND good health on my wish list.