guess we are orthodox now

as i look through everyone's facebook pictures of all my friends kids and the easter baskets that were left by the bunny i cant help but feel a little guilty

Ryan has a basket, but he didn't quite get it yet
we had a super busy weekend and were gone pretty much all day both days this weekend
its Monday night, almost midnight, and its still sitting there all ready to be torn into
he will be excited to play with the grass and the eggs any day of the week, so why do i feel so guilty?

it's this built up guilt that has been lingering since Christmas.
we never made it to see Santa this year either.... and now its spring and he didnt see the bunny

did we already fail Ryan as parents?
will he rebel in high school now because he never saw Santa AND the Easter Bunny in his first year of life?
are we looking at long term feelings of inadequacy because his Easter basket sat for a week after the holiday?

we did get to spend the whole day together playing and enjoying time together
does it make it less special because his personalized Easter basket never quite made it out of the shopping cart on

i hope not

we can just pretend to be orthodox this year

anyone else not feeling as perfect as all of the facebook families out there?
we DID have a great day, just missed a few of the key "photo" ops