the first cut

im fully aware that my kid has the whole Justin Bieber look going on at the moment,
sometimes he resembles a Beatle,
i've seen Rod Stewart,
even Nick Nolte's mug shot now and again after a really good meal

but, i can't quite bear to trim those lovely flyaway locks just yet
his birthday is about 4.5 weeks away, so we can certainly wait for that, right?

and isn't it a rule of thumb to wait for a year to cut a baby's hair?
whats your rule mom's?   

ps- can you tell that i learned how to make collages in picasa?

pps- my sister has a blog now too!   check it out! the mcgee mcblog  she is HI-larious!


  1. I think I've cut N's hair about five times so far ... she kept getting a mullet and no self-respecting baby can have one of those. ;) She's never gone for a "real" hair cut and I'm just fine with that.


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