11 months

Today, ryan is 11 months!

that is so exciting!

And at the same time it totally fills me with all of these crazy emotions

How can my baby be 11 months old already?  In 30 days he will be a year?  A YEAR?  That means he’s not a baby anymore and he’s growing up into an independent big boy. It’s very excited to see him grow and change and become a toddler and then go to school and all of the fun/ crazy/ madness that comes with raising a child. But, a part of me, a BIG PART of me wants him to say this cute little not-quite-one-year-old nugget.

I love how he lets me rock him to sleep every night after a bottle.

I love the way he lays his head on me when he is tired or not feeling great.

I love seeing him in footed jammies, and I LOVE his baby fat.

I know that none of this is going away in an instant, but its going sooo fast!  Too fast!

Where did this year go?  I really, really tried to slow down and enjoy every moment, but it all went too fast! When I see pictures of just one year ago, life was sooo different. I was almost to the uncomfortable, swollen feet part of pregnancy and dreaming about what it would be like to have him here. I had no idea what it would really be like. But, it has been even better than I could have imagined it!

i love you so much little man!
thank you for all of the joy and love that you brought into our lives!
happy 11 months!