too soon

its taken me awhile to write this because it was too soon
like a drug joke about Whitney the day she died

my mom needs to work at the gym and be the person in charge of doing the assessments

because she is a certified gusher
if gushing was a sport, she would take home the gold, silver, and quite possibly the bronze every single time

i cant say that it's bad
but it has given me an inflated self image thru the years
i have heard so many gushing rants on how beautiful i am, what an awesome worker i am, how great of a mom i am, what a clean and tidy house i keep, the list goes on and on

her mom, grandma, has also been known to gush, since birth i have been known for my "peaches and cream complexion"

it really builds a girl up!

now, im not complaining, but im giving you some background on how it was growing up a Q

so, when i walked into my 6 month assessment at the gym and i was told that i plateaued it was kind of a downer

he said that i had lost some weight- score
i had lost some inches- double score
but my BMI has stayed exactly the same- PISS!
so, he talked about how sometimes people plateau in their workouts and how i should mix it up and maybe add some time here and there

cant really up it too much
i have the exact same time per week to dedicate to the gym- lunch break and if i sneak away for a run on the weekend why Ry is napping

i can work on the intensity and maybe change my eating (which i really should)
but it wasn't the fun assessment that i was hoping for

he didn't even MENTION my complexion!

AND there was no confetti
(mom has been known to show up on doorsteps on peoples birthdays with a kazoo, a birthday hat, and a fist full of confetti and get you as you open the door)

next time, ill skip the follow up assessment perhaps, too much reality for me!