s'not me

so many times i have seen kids out and about and seen snot stuck to their face and their hair all crazy and thought to myself "poor kid, their parents must be too busy/ too stressed/ not caring enough to take care of them"

yeah, that was waaaaay before baby
when i was blissfully under the misconception that if a baby had snot on his face, you could easily wipe it off and he would stay clean

enter my child that hates to have his face touched

and now this past week with his cold raging, he has looked like this child i described for about a week
snot dripping and caked to his red little nose

so, my judgmental thoughts have bit me in the ass
and i'm apologizing

i'm sure that there is a blissful non parent out there judging my kids snotted up face
i don't blame you, i was there once too