there are officially 10 weekends left until the half and it's kind of go time for training
during the week i don't have too much trouble getting motivated to go get in some miles on my lunch break, im kind of on autopilot

but then the weekend rolls around and i have to get in my long runs
this week was 7 miles

im kind of a pro at procrastinating
its such a mental game

on Saturday, i thought all day that i would run when ryan took his nap
but, then he took his nap and i was in the middle of cleaning and just never went out

then, today i knew i needed to go out and i found myself doing ANYTHING just not to get out the door
cleaning the bathroom
re-organizing the fridge
throwing in one last load of laundry

once i'm finally out the door and on my way it's actually nice to be out
but getting out that door is the biggest obstacle of all

anyone else have a really hard time getting out the door?