i really love march!

spring is on it's way
the weather is starting to get better
on days when im feeling brave, i leave with just a light spring jacket

st Patty's day is just around the corner
shamrock shakes are in full bloom

and this march is something extra fun- 2 months until our little man's big one year birthday extravaganza!!!

we are really going to NOT make it insane....  ill try to reign it in, TRY

but c'mon, how often does the best little guy in the world turn one?

it has to be awesome!  and i have been thinking of ideas ...
well, since i was pregnant with him!

i'm so excited to plan, i want to be like one of those girls that gets engaged and quits her job just to plan her wedding.
well, not really.
but, that would be way fun to focus on full time for 2 months!

let the planning begin!

what is the best thing that you guys have done for a party or seen at a party?


  1. A pony ride is always awesome ... maybe for his 4th, huh? The inflateable bouncy thing ... maybe when he's 5. Pin-the-tail-on ... no, not yet. Fireworks!!! OK ... NO! A Star Wars-themed celebration (May the 4th Be With You). Make it an entire weekend of traveling parties, starting on Friday (Birthday Day 1), and ending Sunday (Birthday Day 3). Newton Falls-Niles-Buffalo-Cleveland-back to N.Falls. He (you all) will be glad when Monday arrives. Whatever you do, we just know it will be fun ... because it's a Q-Bix thing. Richard & Suzan


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