i must be living under a rock

i picked up an US Weekly today and i learned a number of interesting tidbits

1) did you know Snookie is pregnant??!?!!
the headline on the cover says "blah blah blah, her doubtful future on the shore"
um, DOUBTFUL?!  are you kidding me?
19% of readers polled said that they thought she would make a good mom! i would have to disagree with that small percentage

2) Jennifer Garner had a boy

3) Leann Rimes and that lady she stole her husband from are now hanging out and watching the kids soccer games together
the picture showed them laughing and sitting on the same blanket - what?!?!

4)Lindsay Lohan now looks like Courtney Love after her plastic surgery

and i learned all of this in about 15 minutes!!!  Cant wait to see all the other celeb crap news that i have been missing!

seriously, i have been missing this!