yep, this is a big week!

Thad got an HVAC job!!!  YAHOO!!!!   He starts tomorrow and he is super excited! It's close to home and he had great hours.

and that means that Ry guy will be headed to the sitters house/ day care/ hanging with papa all week!

So, tonight i feel like a fireman. I'm getting all outfits ready and lined up, bags all packed and by the door, meals planned and packed in the fridge. It's going to be a little more chaotic than we are used to but we are ready. Thad getting laid off turned out to be the biggest blessing in disguise.

Let, me rewind.

Late December of 2010 Thad was laid off from his job. I freaked out, he worked for a plant nursery and had never been laid off before. I was 5 months pregnant at the time and was VERY concerned about our financial situation. Work told him they would have him back at the end of January, no call. They then said the end of February, no call. At this point, i was REALLY freaking out.

Plan B. Thad decided to go back to school. He had always had an interest in HVAC (heating, ventilation, and  air conditioning) so, he checked some schools out and picked on. He started last April and soon was top of his class. He missed just one day (the day Ryan was born) and really loved what he was doing. He finished his program this January and we both kind of thought that he would be getting offers right away.
Not so much.
So, after a few months of scouring papers, internet, want ads, and phone books he has a job!

During Thad going to school we were so lucky to have my dad, Thad's brother Zach, and our friend Tina watch Ryan until he was done at 3. And most recently Thad was with Ryan full time while i was at work. Although i love my job, there were somedays  lots of days that i was wishing I could be home with Ryan too. But, it was great bonding with Daddy and at least one of us got to be home with Ryan through most of his first year.

So, we are happy to see our big boy go off to day care and hang with our awesome sitter Tina and Papa through the week now. We have been so lucky and now its time to do what most parents do right off the bat. Ryan is going to love the interaction with different people and making new friends.

Here is to the start of a very exciting week!!!


  1. Congrats to Thad! This is SUCH awesome news. :)

  2. thanks girl! its been a great week!!


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