9 months up, 9 months down??

many of my mom friends have told me not to worry about the baby weight after the baby
it takes 9 months up and takes 9 months to come back down....

well friends, its been 10 months and according to my scale i'm still not all the way down
im missing the mark by about 5 lbs
yep, that is 12 lbs over wedding weight
everyone knows their wedding weight don'd they?  its like my barometer of how far off the path i am

i was really hoping that nursing would help the weight just melt off- someone told me that once...
i think they lied
still nursing, but the lbs are still hanging out
most of my pre baby clothes fit, but different

i'm giving myself an even 12 months to take off the last 5
hope to be able to report back that it's gone

anyone else struggling to get back?
tell me your words of wisdom!


  1. So true, Melissa! I have a 13 month old and even though I'm basically back to pre-prego weight, nothing is in the same place :). Lot's of clothes still don't fit - good think Claire likes my yoga pants. (Your little boy is precious!)

    1. Thanks Leigha! Ryan has no choice but to like my yoga pants too :)


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