10 months

Today, little man turned 10 months!

Holy cow!!!  I can't even believe that it's going so fast!

Here's an update on all that he is doing these days
-he is busy, busy, busy and into everything!
-he is a really good crawler- getting faster every day
-can walk while holding onto things, creeps along the furniture
-got his first cold this month and blows snot bubbles (cool, but really gross)
-he is enjoying more table food- waffles, bananas, meatballs (not all in one sitting)
-likes to open cabinet doors
-loves hanging out at the window and smiles at gramps and grandma Linda
-usually sleeps from 8pm till 6am
-takes 2 1 hour (or more) naps in a day
-has been enjoying hanging with daddy every day
-likes to throw toys out of the pack and play
-can put his building blocks back into the truck
-he sleeps face down with his tush in the air
-he had a playdate with his bud Brock and doesnt quite get that they are playing together, but they played along side of each other
-he is really curious
-he still loves shoes

we cant wait to see all the fun things that you learn this month!
we are also really looking forward to getting to take you outside when it warms up to play in the yard!
we love you more than words can say!
love you nugget!!!