weekend photo dump

This weekend was pretty awesome!
Ry and I jetted off to snowy Buffalo to hang with the birthday girl. It was freezing, good thing we stayed inside  pretty much the whole time.

Today, we came home early to celebrate another very important birthday with our niece. 

It was an awesome weekend and im totally pooped, so, ill let the pictures speak for themselves. 

Lexi is never too thrilled when i show up with the little nugget.

Erin has seriously awesome neighbors with kiddos that LOVE babies :)
Anyone looking for a sitter?  

These girls are the BEST! :)

The birthday girl!

awesome 3 month old ponytail!

the local cousins

Our newest family member, Charlie the adorable pup!

Lots of time this weekend with family and friends! The weekends always go way too fast!
What did you guys do?