today is a big day in a weird sort of way
Ryan is getting tubes in his ears

no biggie
a million moms have told me its super easy and quick
i know its going to help him
it probably going to make hims less fussy
he will be able to hear better
i know all of the pros and have heard all of the good stories

im not a freak out kind of mom, really
i roll with the punches
he's fallen and gotten bonked in the head and i dont freak out
im not a germaphobe, i cant say that i religiously use the paci wipes
a little dirt never hurt, never really hurt me

but, this is my baby
my baby having to get put under...
im nervous like before a big test
like before an interview of a job that i have dreamed of

i know i need to suck it up 
but for just a minute, im allowed to be worried and nervous, right?


  1. That has to be nerve wracking. Hang in there! He will be okay...just remember to take some deep breaths while you wait!

  2. Praying for you and him! Love ya!


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