today was the dress rehersal

this morning i was all geared up about Ryan getting tubes
i wrote out every detail from the nurse

no solid food after 7:45- check, he was done eating breakfast at 7:41

no breastmilk after 9:45- double check, finished the bottle a little before 

we were all showered, cleaned, and ready to go

we arrived on time and found exactly where we needed to be and started to breathe easy, Thad and I were high-fiving our awesome parental skills

Ryan was seen by the nurse, the family physiologist, and then the anesthesiologist
we had to watch a 3 min movie and then Ryan was on deck

thats when it hit me.....

earlier that morning when we were just about to leave i was watching Ry play in the living room, just rolling around
.... and as if it were in slow motion, i saw him pick up, a small piece of tortilla chip from the carpet, it was about the size of a baby fingernail and shove it in his mouth
i lunged to grab it out of his mouth, but it was already gone
he swallowed the minuscule piece of chip that was probably left over from the night before (i know, i cringed myself- we need to vacume more)

but this memory totally hit me and i looked at Thad and asked him if i should mention this little incident?
he said yes, so when the nurse came back i told her. i felt like it was my first confession all over again
"forgive me nurse, i witnessed my son eat a small piece of chip off of the floor AND on the day of his strict no solid food day diet"
her face dropped and i knew that we were toast

she said that she needed to speak with the dr and she would be right back
we waited and i felt like an awful liar

when they said the last time he had solid foods was, i should have mentioned it then, but it totally escaped me! i was on a very strict timeline and surely a small chip wasn't going to hinder our awesome ability to keep things together

it did! 
cancelled ...

we need to go back

some people just take the tour to get comfortable with the fact their child needs a surgery, we prefer the dress rehearsals!

he did look awfully cute in his surgery attire

and we got to see the blimp!  
perhaps next time we will schedule it a day after we vacume!