picture of the week- birthday tribute

this week, its pictures of the week!
today is my baby sister's birthday!

and she is the best
shes the best friend i could ever ask for
so much braver than me, even as kids she would go to the basement ahead of me
so smart, she has her masters and was on the speech team
totally pulled together, even when she doesn't try, she looks like a million bucks
and so loyal, she was with me every second when Ryan was born (all 26 hours of labor people, she deserves a medal!!!)

she is my constant cheerleader,
my partner in crime,
the peanut butter to my toast,
my best friend
she has seen me through everything
im so lucky she is my sister!

happy birthday erin!!!!
here is to another year full of excitement and lots of fun!!!
i love you so much!


  1. LOVE these pictures! SO sweet!

  2. That was so sweet Melissa. I love all the photos. You are both so lucky to have each other.
    Theresa O
    Lancaster, NY


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