party in my crib

way back when Ryan was a little nugget we started putting him in his crib and he was a pro!
he slept like a champ and it was great!  he would fuss every now and again, but for the most part he did awesome in his crib

then he started teething 
cue ear infections
he cried, A LOT  
our awesome sleeper turned in to mr fussy pants and was waking up all the time. he settled down when we held him and then freaked when we put him in bed 
so we ended up sleeping on the couch with him and putting him in bed with us

this lasted for a few months
i knew it wasn't great, but i liked having him right there with us at night
it was easy to soothe him when he was a foot away and we both slept great
plus, i work all day and if he liked sleeping next to me at night, it was fine by me

i wanted to soak up every second i could with him

then he started moving! 
he moved and moved at night until Thad and i were clinging to the edges and he was sprawled out in the middle

i was also worried about the fact that very soon (hopefully) he will be going back to the sitter or daycare or both and he was so used to sleeping next to us he would stay up all day and not be able to calm himself down

so, Friday night rolled around and i was bound and determined to get us back on track with the sleeping
he fell asleep and we put him in his crib, crept out of the room and he slept 
like a little sleeping pro for a few hours

then about 1 am rolled around and he was awake 
i went in to sooth him and he cried, and cried, and cried, and cried 

i went in every 5 to 10 minutes and it seemed to be making it worse so i left him alone and he eventually fell asleep
it was awful

this lasted for about an hour and a half

he eventually fell asleep! success!! 
but he was up again about 4 and then 6, i hadn't felt so tired since Ryan was a few months old
its surprising how fast you forget how tiring it was in the early days

it was awful listening to him cry, but everyone told me that if you let your baby cry one or two nights it will get him into the habit and i knew it was time

so, again on Saturday and Sunday in the crib he went
he fussed less and less and it was a beautiful thing!

we have been hanging out in his room more and more too,
its a fun little routine
playing, reading books, and then a bottle

i put him in his crib while he is still awake kiss him good night and hang out in our room until i know he is asleep

he fusses for a few minutes, but its getting to be less and less 
he is hilarious and just kid of collapses in these crazy yoga positions

but, its been great!
we have our bed back and so does he, and i think he loves it!

so, who else has some parenting word of wisdom? 
some good advice that i should have followed months ago?


  1. My daughter slept so much better when she was transferred into her own room, although she has always been a pretty good sleeper thank goodness. I reckon the next baby I have is going to be a monster as we have had it so good with her! x


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