my awesome cuz

i have a really awesome family
i cant say it enough!
growing up was really fun and so many of my childhood memories go back to times spent at my  grandparents house

it was magic

at least when i think back to it, it seems like it was

there is something so special to me about being a Q
the Q side of my family is pretty close

we all live in different parts of the country for the most part
so, when we get together, we WANT to be together
and times that we are together are really special

its not the obligatory family get together, we have fun
we laugh and tell jokes and share old stories 
it's so much fun

my cousin Leslie is one of my closest friends
and we can go weeks without talking and then we talk and its like we never stopped
we had an awesome talk last night
and i just love her
im lucky that she is my cousin, but even luckier that she is my friend

love you les!