goal update

so i made a little list here for some 2012 goals

and im happy to say that i have made some progress in Jan

-quit overbooking, no more plans on top of plans, this year i will slow down
so far so good!  January weekends were nice and relaxed and full of family time! (with the exception of this last weekend) 

-run a half marathon- specifically the Cleveland one in may, and train my ass off!
been training and started up the long runs on the weekends when Ryan is napping
also took up a new mantra

working on it.....

-keep better track of birthdays! 
thank god for facebook birthday reminders! my mom would be mortified at the lack of cards that i send out these days

-talk more, text less

-print pictures instead of them just being saved forever on the computer
cant do everything in one month

-tackle list of house projects
have a weekend planned in feb to start on a few

-be kind everyday

hows your new year coming along?  i cant believe that we are already into February!
who's made some progress on their lists?