getting motivated

i already have one of these

i have a bumper sticker and i even have a necklace (thanks mom)
but i totally feel like a fake

when i ran walked this last time, i phoned it in
it wasn't a solid effort, i didn't REALLY train, i didn't even start with the runners
i was also in my first trimester pregnant with Ryan and it just didn't feel like a real race

i trained harder for 5k's

this time im going to train and follow a training calendar
im going to start with the runners and end with them too 

the last few weeks have been awesome, i have been running at lunch and getting faster even if its just by a pinch almost every time

but this week has been off,
maybe its the girl scout cookies, maybe its the last two weekends of jam packed fun. 
but, im lacking serious motivation and need to find it soon!

this was supposed to be week one of training and im calling it a wash!

next week will be week one for me and ill get back in it
until then, i need to find some motivation....  

this time i'm going to EARN my sticker!

whos got some good play list tunes? maybe that will help!!!