9 months!

someone turned 9 months old this weekend! 

what our boy is up to these days
-has 2 teeth
-says dada, mama, and baba
-loves to scream
-can roll all over the room and fast!
-can stand by himself next to furniture
-can walk assisted
-likes to look at buttons and zippers
-loves to watch Dora and Sully play
-learned how to clap
-grew out of his baby carseat and now has 2 big boy car seats
-favorite place to stand is in front of the big window in the dining room and look outside
-loves his elmo plane
-can open cabinets
-takes 2 naps a day and sleeps 9-10 hours at night
-is a super happy boy

we love you baby boy!
thanks for making these last 9 months the most fun of our lives :)


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