for a long time i have always wanted to know how to take amazing photos!
i have taken a few awesome shots on chance occasion

but, now its time to up the anny
get a little more involved than my point and shoot
maybe take a class?  or learn from a friend? or many friends that are amazing at photography

its time
lets do this in 2012
get a new camera
and hopefully not blow the budget completely

anyone have suggestions? a good step up camera easy to use?


  1. The Canon Rebel series (I think the latest is the T3i) is very easy to learn and use. I use an earlier version and you can see my pictures on Facebook (Melissa Annarella Faluhelyi, from good old Niles tennis! :). If you decide to go with it and want any recommendations or tips, I'd be happy to help, just message me on Facebook! You will be SO HAPPY with any dSLR camera you get though. There's no comparison. And especially for taking pictures of your child as they grow, it's a great investment. :)

  2. I also use a canon rebel t2i and I love it! So easy to use and takes great shots. Can be used in manual or full auto depending on how creative you want to be. I also love the book understaning photography field guide by Bryan Peterson. Great starter book. Good luck!

  3. thanks so much guys! i cant wait to go shopping!!!
    Melissa, i love your pictures! I always check them out on facebook!
    Kelly, im totally going to check out that book too!!!


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