picture it

it was about 11:30 new years weekend
Thad was busy playing playstation and i was just about ready for bed
and then it happened

i got a second wind
and wanted to re-arrange the living room

Thad agreed to help, so i quickly devised a plan of attack
hes the brut of this operation, moving all heavy objects for me

i was in love!!!

it was great!, everything flowed better
a nice large area for Ryan to play and roll around with no sharp corners in sight
it was pure bliss

until i saw it

the hideousness of the BARE WALL
not to mention all of the toys/ junk/ clutter on the floor

the wall stared at me for about 2 weeks before i decided how to tackle it

i hatched a plan
gathered up all my frames that might work and began to arrange

then i cut out pictures of scrap paper and played with the arrangement on the wall before putting too many holes in the wall

got the frames up and had to wait for the pictures to arrive
had an awesome $20 credit at shutterfly, so had to update some of the frames with pictures i have been waiting to print!

ahhh, much better
and even a nice little spot to store some of nugget's toys!

what little project are you excited to have finally tackled?
any fun ideas to cover up the thermostat?
do tell!


  1. Looks awesome! Where did the bookshelf go? Did it and the table trade places? Very cool.


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