new year!

so, i started this blog two years ago on New Years day with the intention of writing down all of my memories, projects, pictures...
sadly i have really not kept up my end of the bargain here
but, NEW YEAR means its clean slate time and i get to give it another go
i think i usually got held up on the details of things, waiting for that perfect picture, or wanting all the pictures posted on one day, but that really wont ever work with my life unless someday we hit the lottery and i can be a stay at home mom/wife/blogger. but, lets call that plan D
plan A is the update this blog mostly every day with little bits of info. Probably mostly Ryan info, and if you get offended by bad grammar stop reading, not like anyone is reading anyhow. Hi Erin, Missy and mOm B!

so, day one, new year's day!
spent a nice afternoon with grandma and grandpa Synk.  They sure love them some Ryan!  Its always fun to spend time with them and listen to all of their stories. Showed grandpa how to work this microwave and they think im a genius! Its always an ego boost going there!  Grandma always likes to compliment my complexion too. You know, the peaches and cream, from Grandma Quilty. Who is going to argue with an 85 year old woman??  Not me!

Here is to an awesome, fun and blog post filled 2012!  If i can post more than 38 times this year ill be at my current record.

Let's give it a go!