mom must haves

ok, i have been at this mom thing for over 8 months now
so, that totally qualifies me to give out unsolicited mom advice.
all moms like to give advice, right?
at least this one does
lucky you!

so, i thought i would make a little list of the must haves that i found super helpful
then when someone asks my opinion, i can just tell them that i had a post about it and to check it out :)

in my humble opinion, here are the must haves for any new mom

bouncy seat
this was seriously the best thing we had for Ryan for months!!!
he did everything in this. he slept for hours and we could easily move this around the house to wherever we were.
not all babies love these, but Ryan sure did and we used the heck outta ours!

twilight turtle
we used this a ton right from the get go. it is a great low light that we could use to see around when we were up for those 3am feedings and didn't want to turn on a bright overhead light.
we still use it and I'm sure will get tons of use out of it for years.

yep, I'm going there! 
too late if you wanted to avoid the word breast in a baby post. 
you never know how the whole nursing thing will go, i didn't. 
but, i am so glad for this little puppy. it's my breast friend (pun intended). i have certainly gotten my moneys worth out of this thing and i don't leave home without it. 
a serious must have for any working mom. 

angel care monitor
this was something i didn't want to skimp on.
the regular run of the mill monitors are totally fine and I'm sure work great. but this put our minds at ease being able to hear the tick as he breathes. well worth the money.

bottle sterilizer
this little nugget of awesomeness is the best!  we are still using it daily.
its so easy and quick and it fits 6 bottles in it at a time.
this gets the most useful vote from Thad who is bottle man around here.
he and the sterilizer are pretty much BFFs.

onsie stickers
probably one of my favorite gifts that we received.
these are so fun! you put the kiddo in a onesie, stick one of these bad boys on and BAM, ready for a monthly photo shoot!
it takes the guessing game out of gifting a set of monthly onesies to a new mom. you never know how big or small babies can be.
who knew i'd have a 8 month old that is 24 lbs?
short story- these are the!
thanks aunt Erin!!! Ryan loved these from day one.

fleece sheets
this may be straying a smidge from the mom category, but i just got a set of these for Christmas and they are the best.
every mom needs her sleep
you need to get it when you can and believe you me, you will snooze your ass off in these.
for real, i thought i loved my bed before, these just take it to a whole new level of cozy.

nighttime bath soap
i think i will give this at every baby shower for the rest of my life. this is magic in a bottle. its the best scent and  just calms Ryan (and us) down on a nightly basis.
get some.
use it.
love it.
and sleep in those fleece sheets!
you will thank me later

play mat
this was another huge winner! Ryan used this sooo much.
he used to lay on it until he passed out from playing so hard.
hours of fun for all.

of course there are tons of other useful products but these top our list!

whats your baby shower go to gift?
or your mom must have?  do tell!