dye job

this weekend i got a little crafty
i had some dye, a white cotton bag that was slightly discolored, and a little time

i haven't dyed anything before (besides  my hair- which is a totally different, awful, goth girl story)
so i wasn't too sure about the whole thing. 

this type of dye can actually be used directly in the washing machine but i was afraid of turning a whole load turquoise, so i did the stove top method. the directions were pretty easy.
put the garment in hot water and add salt (since it was cotton) and stir for a half hour. 

the dye
it looked like a cauldron to me
adding in the bag
more than a pinch of salt
washed in a normal cycle after the half hour is over
not too shabby
that was my project over the weekend! it was alot easier than i thought, perhaps next time ill do something a little bigger, maybe curtains???
have you guys ever dyed anything before?  
did you have a stuck in the house January, too cold to go outside, and too lazy to go anywhere crafty weekend?  
do tell!


  1. i do that with kids white clothes that get stains....works wonders and makes things last longer.

  2. I've done lots with and without dye! You can use tea easily to dye things a "tan" color and I've even used mustard to dye things... you can write with the squeeze tops to dye words!


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