8 months

People always tell me that kids grow up too fast and oh my lord are they right! It feels like just yesterday that i was in the hospital patiently waiting for him to arrive!

Now he is feeling more and more like a big boy.
He can babble and practically jumps out of your arms to see someone in the next room.
He loves rolling and he is fast at it.
He sits up on his own really well.
He loves bath time and his new ducky bathtub. When we drain the water out of the duck, he sticks his chubby little finger in the drain to feel the water flowing thru.
He loves puffs and cereal.
He is a really good eater and is almost 24 lbs!
He can give himself a bottle now.
He loves the kitties and likes when they come near him.
He started bobbing his head to the music last month and now will move his head side to side.
His hair is starting to fill in.
His eyes seem to be brown in the middle and blue around the edges.
He loves napping with Daddy on the couch.

He is constantly changing and cracking us up.
Happy 8 months Ry, love you so much little man!


  1. He is so stinkin' cute! I love how your cats like to be around him, too. Toby loves N, you can tell, but he keeps his distance. ;)


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