Ready for fall

So, I'm a list kind of girl. I like writing stuff down just to cross it off.
Wake up, check. Get showered, check. Make it to work, check.  You get the idea. I really, really enjoy a good list and sometimes a sub-list of that list. I have had lists for as long as i can remember. Always things to do, projects to get started on, and things to remember for later lists.

Since the nuggets arrival, i have really tried to slow down and smell the roses. Enjoy the now instead of making so many lists and running around like crazy. So, this made me want to create a new kind of "enjoy the season" list.

Here it is, nothing fancy smanchy. Just things we can do together. Hope we can do at least a few of the things on here. Ryan is getting so big so fast that I really want to enjoy all of these fun fall activities with him.

PS. thanks to Katie Bower  for the list idea. Cant find the exact post, but she had an awesome summer one that inspired me :)