Mr. Dylan

9 months ago was the day that my best friend Missy had been dreaming of since she played with cabbage patch kids. It was the birth day of her beautiful son Dylan. But, it was far from the way she had been dreaming it would be. She went to bed early that night, a week and a day prior to her due date dreaming of what was in store.

A few hours later i received a phone call from her husband telling me that she had Dylan. I didn't believe him, only a few hours earlier i had been texting with her and asked if there was any baby movement. She has said no and that we would talk the next day. It all happened so fast. She had an abruption, she began hemorrhaging and within and hour was at the hospital having an emergency c-section. When I arrived, i remember thinking how scary it must have been, but also how lucky that Missy and Dylan were fine, or so it seemed.

The next 8 days i will remember for the rest of my life. We learned that Missy and Tom's beautiful boy had lost too much oxygen and had suffered major brain damage as a result. Heart wrenching only starts to describe it. Dylan was a beautiful baby, he had a full little belly, and 10 fingers and toes. He was a normal newborn size and fit into the clothes that Missy and Tom had lovingly picked for him to wear home. He didn't look sick like some of the other babies in the NICU. Dylan was a fighter, he didn't give up. He fought long after the wires were taken off and gave us all hope. He spent a beautiful Christmas day in his room with his parents. The next day was the day that he had to leave us.

Today Dylan would have been 9 months old.

There is a gaping hole for many with the loss of Dylan. He has shown me not to take this life for granted. We miss you beautiful boy, today and every day. You will never be forgotten.