803 day

803, not just a number
where grandma and grandpa Q lived in Niles since my dad was little
where we all gathered on holidays and ordinary days
where erin and I took to bus to after school to eat popcorn, drink lemonade, and fight over the recliner
where we floated away on the magic carpet to tour the world
where we stopped before the big dance to show off our dresses
where i would spend the night to make sure all is well
where we could find grandpa sprawled out asleep under a newspaper
where grandma kept all of her treasures
where it was encouraged to sleep 12 hours
where Chinese checkers was a competitive sport
where the garage had carpeting
where the buffet was always open
where naps were a daily occurrence
where there was chicken alfredo always in the freezer
where there was always laughter, love, and fun
the memories are endless