Better late than never

So, i have been in the blogging doghouse, but i guess it's never too late to get back in the game
I think i have a pretty decent reason to be a little lax, we have been a little pre-occupied lately

We are super exited to share (with anyone who wants to listen) that we are having a baby! The little bean is due to arrive April 29th, making me 18 weeks now! Its already been going by so fast! We will find out if the bean is a bean or beanette in less than two weeks! Pretty Crazy!

So far, its been going really smooth. Aside from being really pooped in the first trimester I have been feeling great! Also, feeling really lucky that I haven't needed to stop on the turnpike to get sick!

I'm starting to show a little bit and i think that the kitties know something is up. Dora is extra cuddly and likes to curl up on my stomach. I have felt some flutters and look forward to feeling many more :) We are starting to get the baby's room ready as well. All very exciting :)

I promise to update on a more regular basis. There is lots that i missed this summer and fall to post about. But, another day...