wow!!! it's almost August and i havent had time to update this at all!!!

these past few weeks have been so crazy

I want to take the time and write an actual post about all of these things, but here is a quick look in pictures to see whats been going on in our world!

we had the annual quilty garage sale! lots of fun times!

Then, our beautiful new niece Sofia was born July 2nd! Isnt she the cutest?!?!?

That same weekend my brother in law Noah married his longtime love Abbey!

We were all excited! It was a big bixler weekend!!! Noah even did a jig!

Dad and Anna had a blast too! This is one of my favorie pictures of dad ever!

I started a new business venture with my cousin Anne :) Im now a rep for Thirty One! More about that later too...

Erin's BFF, Sara is getting married in a few short weeks and she had an awesome shower! Check out her awesome dress! Ill have to post a shoes picture soon too!

The kitties hung around, looking all adorable :)

We all went to the Mt Carmel festival- Seth drove almost 7 hours for a cheese puff!

Sami played it cool and seemed unimpressed!

I even squeezed in a trip to Michigan last weekend for work and to see my cousin and these cuties!

There it is.... lots going on!

I promise to have good updates soon and more pictures (like one of the bride and groom together!)

We leave for vacation this weekend! YAHOOO!!!!!!!!


  1. Great update, Melissa! You are a great Bixler!!!

  2. I LOL at my Sami's picture. That is typical Sami these days!!! Love it!


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