White Stripes

Well, actually cream stripes...

It started simply enough back in January. As I took down the holiday decorations, I decided to rip down the gross wallpaper in the hallway. It was old and gross and how long would it really take to simply re-paint the hall??? Well, 6 months later I’m finally done!

Since we have an older house it takes a little bit longer to take all the wallpaper down, wash the walls from the glue, spackle all the holes, sand everything, re-wash the walls, all before you get to painting. Then, the task of choosing the perfect color. I’m happy to report that I only went through 4 paint sample cans and one large can. We will get use out of that color somewhere else.

Onto the stripes. I have often marveled at the stripes I have seen in other peoples houses so we decided to go for the gold and try it in the hallway. I grabbed a fresh roll of frogttape, a level, a ruler and I was off.

I started at the top and worked my way down. After a lot of re-measuring and a little cussing I was well on my way.

Sully decided to be supportive and take a nap where I was working. (On a side note- I realize that is the oldest ladder known to man- but it was my grandpa's and its sentimental.)

Here is the finished product!

Don't you love it? I do! Hats off to you frog tape, couldn't have done it without you!
Stay tuned for some before and afters!


  1. Melissa, These look GREAT! What an awesome job you did!!!!! (I accidentally posted this on your other blog...I meant to do it on this! The stripes rock!)


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